Under-Radar Gonzaga Deserves No. 1 Seed

Under-Radar Gonzaga Deserves No. 1 Seed

They were so much more fun when they knew their place. Everyone called them "the Zags." This is not Gonzaga's official nickname, but there are lots of Bulldogs out there. Only one Zags.

The whole point of the Zags initially seemed to be that they didn't know their place. Although members of the mid-major West Coast Conference, they showed up in the Elite Eight in 1999, the Sweet 16 in 2000 and 2001, and the college basketball world fell in love. Once an obscure northwest college known to sports fans only for producing the great John Stockton, they became a brand name and a television attraction. They became the definitive "Cinderella"; a blog site covering the team calls itself The Slipper Still Fits.

This appears to be different, though.

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