'Three Stooges' to Blame for Islanders' Debacle

'Three Stooges' to Blame for Islanders' Debacle

VANCOUVER — It is a given that the first wave of ridicule in the wake of Friday’s news that the New York Islanders had placed Rick DiPietro on waivers would wash over the hapless 31-year-old goaltender, no doubt inflicting a torn knee ligament, assuming they haven’t all been removed and sent to the Smithsonian.

But if there’s a God, the second, bigger wave — a tsunami, if possible — and every wave after it should knock Mike Milbury clean off his bully pulpit at the NBC Sports Network, and then capsize the dinghy which Islanders owner Charles Wang and general manager Garth Snow have been rowing around in circles together for nigh on seven funny/sad hockey seasons.

Each time DiPietro’s name comes up, now and forever more, The Three Stooges — one former, two current — of a once-storied franchise, now bound for Brooklyn, deserve all the scorn there is.

DiPietro? He is, if you think about it a little, the victim here. An extraordinarily well-paid one, it is true, with eight more years after this one left on the 15-year contract the Islanders handed him in September 2006, at $4.5 million per season, but a victim nonetheless.




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