Most Expensive Mets Outfielder Long Gone

Most Expensive Mets Outfielder Long Gone

PORT ST. LUCIE — So you were looking for a little outfield help? Well, here is where you find it: Just swing open the doors of the home-team clubhouse at Tradition Field, weed your way through all the other outfielders in the room, all of them making south of a halfmillion bucks this year.

And extend your hand to greet the one man with extensive outfield experience on the front of his resume and the back of his baseball card who will be making north of that number, who will, in fact, earn the tidy sum of $1,193,248.20 from the Mets this season.

“Welcome,” you say.

“Good to see you,” Bobby Bonilla says.

The highest-paid outfielder in the room wears a green polo shirt, blue slacks, white cross-trainers and about 40 or so pounds from his last listed playing weight. Retirement seems to be agreeing with Bobby Bo, who last played for the Mets in 1999 (both baseball and, somewhat more famously, clubhouse cards) and who last played for anyone in 2001 and now works for the Players Association

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