Barkley's at Combine, But In Reality, He's Done

Barkley's at Combine, But In Reality, He's Done

LOS ANGELES -- This is a farewell letter to Matt Barkley. An emotional heartfelt goodbye to the Southern California quarterback and his family. After months of writing about sordid NCAA matters, fake girlfriends and deer antler spray, it's over.


That would be Barkley's college career. It's just hitting me now. The NFL combine is this weekend where it's major news that Barkley won't throw for scouts. His right (throwing) shoulder was separated late last season only because he came back for his senior season against all odds. No one would have blamed Barkley in the least if he had checked out after 2011, a career altered by his original coach (Pete Carroll) leaving and NCAA probation.


But he came back for that senior season and part of me feels sorry that it didn't end better. When we met five years ago, Les and Beverly Barkley wrecked their car driving to Matre Dei High School to meet me for an interview with their son. They were more than accommodating with their time. They could have hit me up for their deductible.

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