Oregon Deserves Answer From NCAA Now

Oregon Deserves Answer From NCAA Now

Some 22 months ago in an attorney's office in Palm Beach, Fla., two NCAA investigators met with a man named Charles Fishbein, who runs a legitimate and reputable college scouting service. The interview lasted three hours. The questions were wide ranging, and often, puzzling. Among the topics, Fishbein was asked about business he conducted with then-Ducks coach Chip Kelly, Willie Lyles, and the University of Oregon football program.

"There are two people you never want to hear from," Fishbein said Friday, "an area code from Indianapolis and the IRS. I remember seeing that Indianapolis area code on my telephone and thinking -- 'NCAA.'"


Fishbein hasn't done anything wrong. He's committed no crimes, broken no rules. In fact, he's since received the blessing of the NCAA and an approval as a registered scouting service, a process that was born of this Oregon-Lyles mess. But he's an important player here because he says he's been consulted on background, and for context by the investigators. Fishbein's company, Elite Scouting Services, not only did business with Kelly, but it employed Lyles before the Texas man went on his own and did $25,000 worth of suspect business with the Ducks.

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