Te'o Ready to Talk Football, But Media Isn't

Te'o Ready to Talk Football, But Media Isn't

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Heisman Trophy runner-up drew a huge crowd for his media session Saturday at the NFL scouting combine.


And they all wanted to know one thing: Why didn't he play well in the national championship game?


Actually, that was the only question about that Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o faced about his ability as a football player.


His answer: "That's because I didn't. That's all on me. I played hard and so did my team, but Alabama had a great game plan and so did we. They executed better than we did."


The balance of his session was dominated by the controversy involving the alleged hoax surrounding his dead girlfriend who, it turns out, never really existed.


Te'o said he is scheduled to meet with 20 teams during his stay at the NFL scouting combine. He has held formal interviews with the Houston Texans and Green Bay Packers.


"Quite a few teams asked me about it," Te'o said. "Some go to certain lengths. Some just ask me, 'Just give me a brief overview of how it was' then they get straight to business."

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