A-Rod's '09 Series Ring Up for Auction


Even Cousin Yuri no longer wants anything to do with Alex Rodriguez.

The diamond-studded, 2009 World Series ring A-Rod gave his cousin Yuri Sucart — the man Rodriguez says talked him into using steroids — will go on sale Monday, and sports memorabilia auctioneer Ken Goldin says it could fetch as much as $40,000.

“It’s a unique item,” Goldin said. “There is no doubt that Alex is the greatest player of his generation, and this was his only World Series victory.”

The collector purchased the ring from Sucart for an undisclosed sum and consigned it to Goldin Auctions. The opening bid is $5,000.

Sucart, apparently tired of the notoriety that comes with being associated with Rodriguez, approached a South Florida memorabilia collector a few months...

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