Giants Picking Up Where They Left off

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Pitches were thrown, balls were struck, things happened, but the Giants' first exhibition game officially began in the fourth inning at Scottsdale Stadium on Saturday after Angel Pagan bounced a single to right.

This is a man who doesn't so much run the bases as he prowls them, like a leopard. The batter was Marco Scutaro, and suddenly the essence of a world championship team came to life: The first baseman trying to hold Pagan close to the bag. The second baseman shading toward the middle, wary of a stolen base. A massive hole in the right side of the infield, beckoning Scutaro's off-field stroke like a magnet.

Nobody really knew who the Giants were playing. It said "Angels" on the schedule, but this was a bunch of minor-leaguers - not a star or even a regular in the...

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