Johnny Football Should Sue NCAA, Texas A&M

Johnny Football Should Sue NCAA, Texas A&M

Johnny Manziel is suing a T-shirt maker for stealing his name. Manziel should check Texas A&M's website.


He won't find his name, but he will find his jersey. It's selling for $59.98. Heisman T-shirts are going for $24.

Manziel's name doesn't actually appear on them, since that would be exploiting the student-athlete. NCAA logic is that consumers merely like the number 2 or fondly remember 1957 Heisman winner John David Crow. That makes it OK for Manziel not to make a dime off this business endeavor.


When it comes to fairness and hypocrisy, the stance has always been laughable. It's beyond a joke with Manziel. He belongs in a special class of cash cow that is getting financially slaughtered.


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You can see it in the Johnny Effect. Cotton Bowl TV ratings were up 44 percent. Coach Kevin Sumlin and his staff got nice raises. Fans are already tailgating outside Kyle Field for Sept. 14's Alabama game.


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