Johnny Football Should Sue NCAA, Texas A&M

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Johnny Manziel is suing a T-shirt maker for stealing his name. Manziel should check Texas A&M's website.


He won't find his name, but he will find his jersey. It's selling for $59.98. Heisman T-shirts are going for $24.

Manziel's name doesn't actually appear on them, since that would be exploiting the student-athlete. NCAA logic is that consumers merely like the number 2 or fondly remember 1957 Heisman winner John David Crow. That makes it OK for Manziel not to make a dime off this business endeavor.


When it comes to fairness and hypocrisy, the stance has always been laughable. It's beyond a joke with Manziel. He belongs in a special class of cash cow that is getting financially slaughtered.


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