Kidd Not Giving Knicks a Shot

Kidd Not Giving Knicks a Shot

If Jason Kidd needed yet another reminder about his protracted longevity, the old memory bank was jostled again on Sunday when Kenyon Martin walked into the Knick locker room and donned a uniform in the neighboring cubbyhole.

Here was his teammate from the Net glory years back in the early 2000s, which seem like several lifetimes ago.

“We converted a few fans,” Martin said, recalling better days in East Rutherford. “He’s my guy. We’ve stayed close.”

Kidd is in his 19th season, and it isn’t always easy watching him play basketball anymore. That confident jumper from early this season has vanished completely, and he would prefer not to hoist it much anymore. He will turn 40 next month – old, even by Knick standards – and on too many nights recently Kidd has looked every bit his age.




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