Look West for Great Baseball Rivalries in 2013

Look West for Great Baseball Rivalries in 2013

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- The Dodgers and Giants have been in each others' faces -- and minds -- forever. Their embattled history on two coasts, running just as deep as the Yankees and Red Sox, would fill cyberspace.


The Angels and Athletics are relative newcomers to the rivalry business. They've had their moments, but the fever pitch of Dodgers-Giants hasn't been sustained. It comes and goes with the teams' fortunes.


At the moment, it's heating up in Oakland and Anaheim. It could get white-hot in 2013, possibly reaching the frenzied level of the Dodgers and Giants in the Golden State.


With San Francisco entertaining visions of a third World Series title in four seasons and the Dodgers, Angels and defending American League West champion A's all brimming with talent, California is shaping up as the center of Major League Baseball's universe this season.


The reigning champions in San Francisco know they're wearing targets on their backs. They're also keenly aware of the free-spending ways of their bitter rivals down south.


The Dodgers have doubled their payroll since Opening Day 2012 to about $217 million, surpassing even the Yankees while dwarfing the Giants' estimated $140 million in salary commitments.

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