Cuban-Kobe Pissing Match Misses the Point

Cuban-Kobe Pissing Match Misses the Point

Kobe Bryant on Sunday night unleashed the tweet of the year: “Amnesty THAT.” It was aimed at Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. It was the exclamation point on a weekend mini-feud. Cuban started it, Kobe finished it.



Too bad for Cuban. Not just because he wrote a check with his mouth that his rear end couldn’t cash, not just because his underwhelming Mavericks team lost to Kobe’s underachieving Lakers team, and not just because he has to wear the court jester’s cap for the next few days, until somebody volunteers to take it from him.


It’s too bad because by starting the war of words in the first place, he made sure that absolutely nobody got the legitimate point he was trying to make.


It had nothing to do with the Lakers or Kobe, actually – it had to do with the entire NBA, its star players and the oppressive salary structure that makes things worse for both.


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