Do the A's Know the Way to San Jose?

Do the A's Know the Way to San Jose?

Last week the L.A. Times created some Bay Area baseball buzz when they reported commissioner Bud Selig had given the Oakland A’s tentative guidelines for a potential move to San Jose. The story said Selig could decide to let club owners vote on approving the move if the A’s can satisfy the concerns of the commissioner’s office.


The words that jumped out to me were: tentative, potential, could, if and concern. That doesn’t exactly sound like a road map of certainty to me.


The A’s have been trying to move out of Oakland for the last six years. Initially they were going to build a new stadium in Fremont. When that failed they looked further south to find a way to San Jose.


Four years ago after the A’s made their initial push for relocation to San Jose, Selig called for a special “Blue Ribbon” panel to look into this very complex and complicated situation.

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