Mile-High Soccer Comes With a Stunning View

Mile-High Soccer Comes With a Stunning View

GSPON, Switzerland – This village high in the Alps is home to the highest football pitch in all of Europe, and the only place on the continent where the boys chasing the balls must be at least as fit as the men kicking them.


Ottmar Hitzfeld stadium is carved into a mountainside 2,000 meters (6,561 feet) above sea level, so when a ball goes over the protective netting — something that happens seven to 10 times per game — it’s a looooooong way down to retrieve it.


“We lose a lot of balls,” striker Lucas Furrer says.


FC Gspon is little more than a village team, but every player who steps onto the pitch remembers it as if he’d played at San Siro or Bernabeu.

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