NASCAR Becoming Character-Driven Sport

NASCAR Becoming Character-Driven Sport

My Sunday NASCAR ritual the past 10 years or so can best be described as this: Channel surf until the last 20 laps. Watch. 


Sure, it was the Daytona 500, but Sunday was the first time in a long time that I watched a full NASCAR race. 


I wasn't alone. 


Overnight ratings were up 30 percent, with some serious gains in the larger markets. 


Striking closer to home was the fact that my Twitter feed was filled with people who were surprising themselves and those around them by sticking with the race. 


Danica Patrick surely helped. She was in the top three for more laps than any other driver on race day. 


But will the fans who sampled NASCAR for the first time in years, or at least gave it more attention than they usually do, mark their calendars and watch the race this Sunday? 


Early indications are that some certainly will. 


NASCAR needs the help. Attendance at the Sprint Cup level has greatly suffered, but that's to be expected with the downturn in the economy, some of the small markets where the races are held and the overall size of the venues. 

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