Pro Athletes Double-Dip on California Health Law

Pro Athletes Double-Dip on California Health Law

The millionaires are looking for some extra scratch, and the billionaires are trying to avert their responsibility.


That is way too simplistic, even if it does make for a sexy summation of the latest issue to come betwixt the owners of professional teams and their principal employees, the men who play the games we watch.


This latest battle is about to be played out in California, where legislation is pending that would make it more difficult for the majority of professional athletes to get workers’ compensation for injuries suffered while playing.


The matter is so bigger than sports.


It’s about liberal California laws that allow professional athletes who did not play for one of the dozen California professional sports teams to file a workers’ comp claim provided they played at least one game in the state.


Some things about this should upset us more than the fact that someone who chose to engage in a vocation where health issues are a virtual certainty now wants help paying for his health problems. (Unlike, say, a mine worker who perhaps couldn’t find any other employment, no one could be characterized as “settling” for a job as a professional athlete.)

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