Bobby V as AD: Gimmick or Savior?

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We know why Bobby Valentine is here. This is one more step on his path to spiritual enlightenment, a path that includes doing everything, everywhere in one lifetime, culminating one day with Bobby V repainting Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel and becoming The Most Interesting Man in the World in Dos Equis commercials.

We know, too, why Sacred Heart has named Valentine, who'll be 63 when he takes over July 1, as its executive director of athletics. The school wants to make him the face of its Division I athletics, a face that, incidentally, wears a smirk nearly as big as the one on the Pioneers mascot. Raising funds? Recruiting sponsors? Recruiting athletes on the fence? These could be Valentine's greatest contributions.

Bobby V is cashing in on his need to be the...

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