Dreaded Vote of Confidence for NCAA Chief

Dreaded Vote of Confidence for NCAA Chief

The statements keep clattering into the inbox, one after another. The latest arrived Tuesday night from a conference commissioner and the league's chairman of the board of directors. In this "challenging era for governance within intercollegiate athletics," the Mountain West Conference wants everyone to know of its support of NCAA President Mark Emmert. It is mostly filled with the wordy blah-blah unique to these things, and it is otherwise unremarkable – except that someone felt it needed to be said.

That's pretty unusual.

This follows on the heels of another statement, issued last week by the NCAA's executive committee. Michigan State president Lou Anna K. Simon, the current chair, said the committee had "unanimously affirmed its confidence in Mark's leadership." It went on from there, but here's the takeaway after all of this emphatic support:

Such votes of confidence are rarely good news for the guy being endorsed.

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