Saban's Recruiting Tactic Elementary

Saban's Recruiting Tactic Elementary

Edward Moses Jr. doesn’t sound like the stereotype of the over-the-top Little League, Pop Warner, AAU father.

For one thing, he’s a lawyer.

So when Nick Saban called 14-year-old Dylan Moses and his parents into his office Saturday after Alabama’s Junior Day, and the Alabama coach said he was going to offer Dylan a scholarship but kept talking, the elder Moses wanted to know exactly what that meant.

“That quote just stuck in my mind like, ‘What? I know I did not just hear what you said. But I’ll let you finish your conversation,’ “ Moses said during our Tuesday interview on Smashmouth Radio on ESPN 973 The Zone.

When Saban finished, he asked the family members if they had any questions. The father did. About that scholarship offer.

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