Skirmish Is Nasty, But Don't Call It a Brawl

Skirmish Is Nasty, But Don't Call It a Brawl

Admit it, when you saw Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert swatting away Golden State guard Stephen Curry like baseball’s Pedro Martinez dispatching of Don Zimmer, you thought to yourself:

Please, Lord, not another Brawl. Not another Detroit. Not again.

In the end, a couple of elbows and angry words were exchanged, Hibbert got tossed, everybody this side of old-timers Freddie Lewis and Rick Barry got technical fouls, but ultimately, the biggest fight of this NBA season turned into much ado about very little.

It spilled over into the stands, but in this case, the fans were smart enough — and scared enough — to stay out of the madness. There was no John Green there to throw a cup of liquid on anybody, no Ron Artest to enflame matters.

Thank goodness.

Because these Pacers have come too far and built way too much goodwill since the events in Auburn Hills, Mich., to throw it away in one flash of anger.

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