Will Fast Start Lead to Cup for Blackhawks?

Will Fast Start Lead to Cup for Blackhawks?

Is it all happening too soon? Since we can't actually say anything bad about the Blackhawks in the tangible sense right now, we might as well start worrying if their record start will actually be bad for them come playoff time.

Of course, the Ducks went the first 16 games of 2006-07 without a loss in regulation and won the Stanley Cup. But history hasn't usually been all that kind to President's Trophy winners, which the Hawks are on the way to becoming. Vancouver has won it the last two years, and still doesn't have a Cup. Washington ran away with it the year before that and didn't make the final. So we have a long way to go before we crown the Hawks.

But, yes, they do look good, and goalie Corey Crawford is back after missing four games with an upper body injury. Marian Hossa checked out OK after his scary spill caused by a forearm shiver from Vancouver's Jannik Hansen, who got a one-game Shanaban for his trouble.



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