Baseball Values Character Over Cash

Baseball Values Character Over Cash

If exactly the right man says just the wrong words, a blurred image can snap into focus. Like a smack in the face, we see the picture more clearly.

“I could play for the worst team if they paid the most,” said Zack Greinke, who signed the second-biggest contract ever for a pitcher at $147 million for six years to be a Los Angeles Dodger. “It’s obviously the number one thing.”

Greinke made clear in an interview with that, in picking the Dodgers over the Rangers in free agency, as well as voiding a trade to Washington a year earlier, his primary goal was to find out just how much money he and his agent Casey Close could get on the open market.

“I wanted to see” the free agent process, Greinke said. “If it was going to be only one year for $1 million, I wanted to see for myself.”

Instead, only CC Sabathia ever got more guaranteed money to pitch. But Greinke also joined a team with some of the most gifted salary-dump problem children and damaged-goods ex-stars with big contracts ever collected in one room.

Greinke didn’t mean to symbolize the 2013 season. But he may have done it anyway.

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