Crean Earning Reputation as Sore Loser

Lost Lettermen

Here’s something I never thought I’d say: If you watched Minnesota upset No. 1 Indiana last night, you witnessed a scene straight out of the 1992 film, The Mighty Ducks.

With the No. 1 Hoosiers trailing by five with under 30 seconds left, Will Sheehey fouled Gophers guard Andre Hollins, then reached for his eye and collapsed on the court as if he had been knocked out in a prize fight. According to ESPN’s Dan Dakich, Indiana head coach Tom Crean screamed for the referees to go to the monitor to check for an offensive foul. They did, only for the video to reveal Sheehey had blatantly flopped.

If you’re unfamiliar with The Mighty Ducks (first of all, shame on you), there’s a scene at the beginning where Gordon Bombay (played by Emilio...

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