Golf's Drug Rules Aren't Transparent

Golf's Drug Rules Aren't Transparent

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. -- Any day now, the PGA Tour will announce a suspension for Vijay Singh, for his admitted use of a deer-antler spray that contains a substance that's on the Tour's list of performance-enhancing drugs. The details of this case are deeply odd, and they have been thoroughly explored elsewhere. The point is that Singh will surely be suspended for some period for his admission and the Tour will announce the relevant details.


Or not.


Really, it's all up to Tim Finchem, the PGA Tour commissioner. According to Tour's 46-page drug-policy booklet, if a player is suspended for violating the rule for performance-enhancing drugs, the Tour is obligated to announce the suspension.


But nothing in the policy requires the commissioner to suspend a player over such a violation. For any number of reasons -- including, one could argue, his desire to use some choice corporate-speak to protect the brand -- the commissioner could decide to keep any failed test for PEDs in a locked drawer in Ponte Vedra. If there is no suspension, there is no announcement.





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