Maybe Boeheim Should Leave the Bench

Maybe Boeheim Should Leave the Bench

Before any Syracuse fans start spamming me with hateful emails and tweets in response to the headline above, please note that this column in no way criticizes Jim Boeheim’s abilities as a coach.

The man’s just as strong a leader now as he ever was. His Orange team has advanced to the Sweet Sixteen or beyond three out of the last four years. And each year he rakes in one of the most talented recruiting classes in the country — no small accomplishment.

Rather, my call for the 68-year-old living legend to call it quits after 37 years and 900-plus wins at his alma mater is born out a desire to see him happy. From the outside looking in, he appears anything but right now.

The man who took the podium following his team’s 74–71 loss at Marquette looked worn down. While Syracuse’s struggles over the past month (4–5 since January 26 after starting the season 18–1) likely have a lot to do with it, this seemed different than his usual curmudgeonly act.

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