The Joy (and Cost) of Amateurism

The Joy (and Cost) of Amateurism

The commotion at the Justin Bieber concert started with whispers. The crowd had discovered another teenage idol in its midst.

"Is that her? Is that Missy Franklin? Yea, I think it is."

In Row 17 of Denver's Pepsi Center, Glyris Renehan heard the noise swelling. She had brought three teenagers, her two daughters and a family guest who happened to be the most recognizable 17-year-old girl in Colorado.

The woman behind them leaned in and asked for autographs. Rivulets of the audience started streaming toward the Olympic champion. Then people began climbing over seats.

Marielle Renehan recognized the drill. Like most of Franklin's teammates at Regis Jesuit high school, she has learned to deal with these swarms.

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