Blame Reid Should Smith Bomb in K.C.

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Andy Reid is the man who should be under intense pressure in Kansas City.

If Alex Smith is a failure in KC, Reid should take the fall.

Jim Harbaugh turned Smith into an elite quarterback. The word “elite” is not an exaggeration. Smith’s performance in his last 28 appearances back up my claim. Thirty-five TDs and 10 INTs is elite. A 20-6-1 record in his last 27 starts back up my claim. A completion percentage of 70.2 in 2012 is elite.

Yes, San Fran’s defense had a lot to do with its success. Yes, San Fran’s running game had a lot to do with Smith’s success. Yes, Harbaugh decided he had a better quarterback than Smith and replaced him with Colin Kaepernick.

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