Chinese Zodiac Unlocks Secrets to Sports

Chinese Zodiac Unlocks Secrets to Sports

Sports are unpredictable. It is impossible to write a script for a sporting event. Every week, new underdog stories develop and heroes arise from nothing.


You can't infer sports.


But Gary Grinberg knows how to hypothesize about them.


Also known as Gary the Numbers Guy, Grinberg is a numerologist who spends a chunk of his time studying numerology and astrology to explain why certain outcomes occur and why certain results will happen. Last February, in an interview with ThePostGame, Grinberg predicted a Heat-Thunder final, a Dwight Howard injury and the decline of Tebowmania in 2012.


Those were among his correct predictions.


One year later, Grinberg's head is buzzing with more numerological explanations. As the Chinese zodiac calendar shifted to a new year, Grinberg took time to tell ThePostGame what happened in the Year of the Dragon and what he expects to happen in the Year of the Snake.

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