Flacco's Fortune Result of Luck, Good Timing

Flacco's Fortune Result of Luck, Good Timing

What is the price of desperation heaved into the frigid air of a Denver evening? What's the worth of a mistimed leap?

On Friday, the Baltimore Ravens bestowed upon their quarterback, Joe Flacco, what appears to be the most lucrative contract in NFL history, handing him a reported $120 million over six years. It is most likely a contrived title, the padding of extra non-guaranteed money to make the overall deal look bigger than it is.

But regardless of the contract's standing in history, $120 million is an absurdly large sum for a quarterback who has never been to the Pro Bowl or even seen as among the very best at his position.

Yet as good as Flacco was in Super Bowl XLVII, winning the MVP with 287 passing yards and three touchdowns, the money was probably already his. The fact he brought the Ravens to New Orleans at the same time his previous contract was about to expire forced Baltimore's management to give Flacco his $120 million. Even if the 49ers had come back to win the game and there was no parade through the city's streets, Flacco was likely going to get the same deal. By simply getting the Ravens there he had proved his point.

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