Cavaliers' Irving a Quietly Rising Star


You know the Kyrie Irving story: BMOC in HS, plays just 11 games in his only season at Duke due to injury, still gets drafted number one overall, wins Rookie of the Year. Great story? It gets better. This season, Irving has upped his averages and is posting 23.3 ppg to go with 5.7 apg. And if anyone "won" All-Star Weekend, it was Irving, who dazzled in the Rising Stars Challenge, won the Three-Point Shoot Out, then played crunch-time minutes in the actual game on Sunday. Also, it's not just Irving: his Cleveland Cavaliers started the season 5-23, but have quietly gone 11-9 in their last 20 games.

"I'm not the Rookie of the Year anymore," Irving notes. "I always say I don't want to be that guy who they say, 'Oh, he won Rookie of the Year in 2012,' and in 2017 they're...

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