Mocked in Drafts, Barkley Will Be OK

Mocked in Drafts, Barkley Will Be OK

NFL mock drafts are a little like teenage girls; you fall out of favor with a popular one, and it is only a matter of time until the whole clique is down on you. This change of circumstance only occasionally has any bearing on long-term desirability.

And so it is with USC quarterback Matt Barkley.

His slow fade from projected No. 3 selection (behind a few guys named Luck and RG3) if he had come out after his junior season a year ago to potentially a Day 2 guy this April (as ridiculous as this sounds to me) has many origins, fair and not so much. To name a few:

Arm strength. Speed. Sack totals. Accuracy when pressured. Mark Sanchez. Turnovers. Interception totals. Smaller upside. USC’s wildly disappointing season.

All of them have been dissected ad nauseum. Yet when I talk to NFL scouts about said problems, what emerges amounts to a lot of versions of basically the same response: All of that is great. Watch him go early, earlier than any of you think and do pretty well, too.

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