Single-Minded Brilliance Marks Rivera

Single-Minded Brilliance Marks Rivera

Nobody, ever, has kept it simpler than Mariano Rivera, the man with a single out pitch and a singular mind.

"Why fix something that is not broken?" he said, whenever you asked him whether he ever considered throwing something other than his cutter to lefties. Until he blew out his right knee shagging fly balls last season, Rivera was as predictable as the Harlem River tides.

That is the key, really. Transparency. Certainty. The players who succeed now in New York are the ones who keep it that way, simple. Derek Jeter ... David Wright ... Rivera. Maybe the Bronx Zoo once worked for Reggie Jackson and Billy Martin, but now that kind of chaos destroys players like Alex Rodriguez and Joba Chamberlain, who are forever trying, unsuccessfully, to fight off the latest unpleasant headlines.

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