The Redemption of Marc Trestman

The Redemption of Marc Trestman

This is the story of how Marc Trestman was given what he calls an "almost unexplainable opportunity" to become coach of the Bears at 57.

To understand where Trestman is, we first have to understand where he's from. In his first NFL incarnation, Trestman was supposed to become the next Mike Holmgren.

In fact, Bill Walsh was interested in hiring Trestman in 1986 to coach the 49ers quarterbacks. The Vikings blocked him as they had Trestman under contract. Instead, Walsh hired Holmgren.

Other coaches who either hired Trestman or were interested in hiring him in the first stage of his coaching career include Lee Corso, Butch Davis, Bud Grant, Jon Gruden, Jimmy Johnson, Sean Payton, Wade Phillips, Bobby Ross, Howard Schnellenberger, Marty Schottenheimer, George Seifert and Don Shula.

He was considered one of the premier offensive strategists in the game. There unmistakably was something very special about him.

But there also was something missing.

Fugitives on the lam have moved less than Trestman. Before he became head coach of the Montreal Alouettes in 2008, he coached in 10 cities and worked for 17 head coaches.

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