Dear Selection Committee, Focus on Seeding

Dear Selection Committee, Focus on Seeding

On Wednesday the members of the NCAA men's basketball committee — the world knows them as the "selection committee" — went into sequester as they began to sort through the task of choosing and seeding and bracketing the teams for the 2013 NCAA Tournament.


It's not as though they are on total lockdown, though. They have TV to watch college basketball games. They have the internet to research information about the teams they'll consider. One presumes they can check Twitter if they wish. So here is hoping they will take a moment to read what we say here and consider some advice about how to ensure the next several days come out exactly right:

Respect dominance


In 2010, Sporting News hit upon a formula that is a good deal less complex than whatever stroganoff of numbers goes into the Pomeroy or Sagarin ratings, or even the RPI. It might be hard to believe, but it's this: Winning matters.

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