With Welker Gone, Brady Must Be Bummed

With Welker Gone, Brady Must Be Bummed

Maybe he was working out someplace on the west coast. Maybe he was strolling the beaches of Brazil with Gisele and the kids. Or maybe he was right here at his Back Bay penthouse, watching the ceremony for newly elected Pope Francis.


Wherever Tom Brady was yesterday afternoon, his day had to be ruined when word came down Wes Welker was no longer his teammate.


Little did Brady know when he opted to re-do his contract, and afford the Patriots more cap space to sign players that would help win them the next championship, the plan included handing Welker over to his chief rival Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.



Little did he know when he was sitting on that plane with Robert Kraft, and mapping out a deal that would provide the Pats more flexibility he assumed would take care of his favorite receiver, instead has brought him a new slot receiver in Danny Amendola — someone he now has to break in and find that special chemistry he had with Welker.

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