For Ravens, Elvis Enters the Building

For Ravens, Elvis Enters the Building

Revenge is best served cold, but this is ridiculous. It took 30 years for Baltimore to finally get revenge on John Elway.

Thirty years next month, the Baltimore Colts drafted Elway with the first pick in the NFL Draft. Elway didn't want to play for taskmaster head coach Frank Kush, and so his agent, Marvin Demoff, went about the work of trying to create an alternate market for Elway, both in baseball and in the NFL. Elway was a great baseball prospect too, having played a minor-league season with the Yankees' Rookie League team in 1982. Owner George Steinbrenner loved Elway and projected him to be a starting outfielder for the Yankees by 1985. The Colts got the message and felt the leverage. Baltimore traded Elway to Denver a week after the draft, but the eventual compensation (Mark Herrmann, Chris Hinton and Ron Solt) wasn't close to the dividends Elway paid Denver.

It's tough to equate -- no, not tough; impossible -- Baltimore losing Elway to, 30 years later, Baltimore stealing one of Denver president Elway's 10 most important players. But in 2013, to Ravens fans, it'll do. In Baltimore, Elvis is about to enter the building.

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