Lowering Hoop Won't Help Women's Game

Lowering Hoop Won't Help Women's Game
>Quick response to the notion of lowering the rim in women's basketball, a topic thoroughly explored Friday by The Sporting Green's Tom FitzGerald: Don't do it.

I can't imagine that Cheryl Miller, Jennifer Azzi, Diana Taurasi or anyone else on the list of tough-minded historical figures would approve such a thing. All of a sudden it's a girl's game, a cheapened version, made a little easier because, as this reasoning goes, only men can handle the 10-foot height.

If the idea is to win over skeptical men, forget it. They'll be scoffing even louder if this goes through. It's bad enough that women use a smaller ball (and great call by Stanford head coach Tara VanDerveer, by the way, noting that it's harder to shoot). Taking the court with a lowered basket would amount to humiliation for any committed, self-respecting player, to say nothing of torching the statistical record book.

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