Book It: DH Coming to National League

Book It: DH Coming to National League

Because you live in a National League town, I’m guessing that you despise the American League’s use of the designated hitter.

This affront to baseball tradition has been going on for 40 seasons now. Starting in 1973, and activated by the desire for more offense and increased ticket sales, AL teams stripped the bat away from pitchers’ hands. With the golden arms safely sitting in the dugout to nibble on sunflower seeds, AL general managers signed aging sluggers to deploy as surrogate hitters.

When the radical twist was announced a reporter asked Stan Musial if he planned to make a comeback to serve as a DH. The Man was 52 at the time.

"I could still hit," Musial said. "But I don't know who would do the running."  

If you’re a DH-hating purist, I don’t blame you.

If given a choice, I prefer National League ball. It's more interesting and layered with strategy. But that also leads to over-managing and unfortunate outbreaks of sac-bunt crimes.

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