Lincecum Wants to Show He Can Deliver

Lincecum Wants to Show He Can Deliver

Los Angeles -- If Tim Lincecum's offseason haircut was his way of entering a witness-protection program, so he could begin this season as a brand-new man, he needn't have bothered.

Manager Bruce Bochy was more than willing to forgive Lincecum for last season's crimes and misdemeanors and run him back into the starting rotation. He will be on the mound Wednesday night in the wrap-up of the season-opening series at Dodger Stadium.

"There was never any discussion about making a change," Bochy said before Tuesday's game. "He's a starter for us right now, and that's how we look at it."

That's heartwarming, considering what Lincecum meant to the Giants and their fans before his wheels flew off last season. Most beloved Giant in decades.

So of course the ultra-patient Bochy had no problem dropping Lincecum back into the rotation. It helped that Lincecum reinvented himself as a commanding reliever in the postseason, playing a huge role in the Giants' world championship.

The question now, is: Which Lincecum will the Giants get this season?




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