2 Down, 1 to Go in Rutgers Scandal

2 Down, 1 to Go in Rutgers Scandal

It was easy and obvious to first go after Mike Rice, once the videotape of his abusive treatment of his basketball players, in plain sight in the Rutgers gym, went public and went viral in all meanings of that word. The next obvious target, of course, became Tim Pernetti, the athletic director who hired Rice and did not fire him when he saw the same video we are seeing now last fall.

But that is still not enough at Rutgers, which is why we first started putting the face of the school's president, Robert Barchi, on this story, and on this scandal for the school, starting Wednesday morning, first thing, look it up. It was written the way it was not because of great genius, but because Barchi's complicity in this matter — in everything that plays out now at Rutgers University — was completely obvious from the start.

This wasn't done because anybody would take any satisfaction or joy if Barchi lost his job running Rutgers University, but because Barchi did not do his job when Pernetti came to him and told him about the tape, and about the Rutgers basketball coach.

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