Collapsing NCAA Powerless Against Violators

Collapsing NCAA Powerless Against Violators

We’re weak. And the law of the jungle says the weak get eaten.’’
Harvey Spector, the TV show “Suits.’’

This one is just so obvious, so easy. Fixing grades. Altering drug tests. Paying players.

Recruiting illegally. It’s all the classics of NCAA rules violations bundled into one.

Auburn is accused of it all. Selena Roberts, the former New York Times and Sports Illustrated writer, broke the story on her site, Not only that, but also that particular Auburn national championship team from two years ago already had the Cam Newton scandal and plenty of other allegations. Everyone already thinks that team was dirty. The coach, Gene Chizik, was already fired.

This one is a 70 mph fastball over the middle of the plate for the NCAA. No, not even that. It’s a ball on a tee. That’s what made NCAA president Mark Emmert’s edgy reaction so telling.

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