No Love Lost for Hamilton or Romo

No Love Lost for Hamilton or Romo

For this morning’s agenda, we’re talking about hate, but it’s only sports hate, which means it’s nothing serious, just loud and maybe crude. Again, nothing that actually impacts the real world.


The best sports hate/debate question of the weekend was submitted by Mr. Ed Werder, world famous NFL reporter for the boys in Bristol (ESPN) but a longtime local resident of Flower Mound, meaning he stays connected with the total DFW jock scene.


The question:


What’s more disgusting to fans of North Texas, Josh Hamilton being back in Arlington for the weekend, or the $55 million Jerry just gave Tony?


To each his own with an answer, but to hear the boos raining down on Josh at the ballpark on Friday, his return in an Angels uniform would seem to be a runaway winner.


Except Josh will be on a fast airplane out of here by Sunday night, meaning he’s out of sight and out of mind until the next visit by the Angels.


Tony isn’t going anywhere. Ever.


Based on the massive amount of disgust that has flooded local streets and all social media sites (not that I know about social media sites, but so I’m told) I think Mr. Romo is actually the answer to this question.


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