NFL's Quest for a Gay Man ... And Who Cares?

NFL's Quest for a Gay Man ... And Who Cares?

The 2013 NFL draft is a week away, and leading up to this unofficial holiday is one pressing question: When will a gay player come out while still playing?


Wait … what's that you say? That's not the pressing question of the moment? Well, you could've fooled me because, ever since Colorado's Nick Kasa told ESPN Radio teams asked him whether he liked girls during the combine back in February, some people have turned this offseason into a crazed quest for a gay guy in the locker room.


The fuss started when CBS Sports' Mike Freeman reported that someone is considering coming out soon. Super Bowl champion Brendon Ayanbadejo then told The Baltimore Sun and MSNBC's Thomas Roberts that four men could come out all at once on the same day.


And before anyone jumped to any conclusions, free agent Kerry Rhodes took the time to tell TMZ that despite recent pictures of him hugged up with another man: "I am not gay."


All of which is to say -- who cares?


Chicago Blackhawks doorman Gordon Robertson kept writer Robin Herman from interviewing players until coach Billy Reay said the team was presentable.

Not "who cares" as in an NFL player coming out while still playing isn't a story. The "first" is always a story. But at this point, who is really going to be shocked/surprised by this revelation?


On the cover of Sports Illustrated is a photo of three Boston police officers rushing in to help victims of the bombing at the marathon. The officer on the far right is Javier Pagan, who has been married for four years to his husband, Pedro, a retired sergeant from the New York Police Department and a 9/11 first respondent.

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