Are the Bucs Nuts? Revis Not Worth the Risk


The pending Darrelle Revis trade from the New York Jets to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers can be reduced to this: young, healthy, cheap, inexperienced but talented vs. older, super talented, wildly expensive and injured.


I know which way I would lean.


The Bucs leaned the other way.

Tampa Bay is sending the 13th pick in the first round of this week's draft -- the young talent -- plus a conditional fourth-round pick (probably a third) in 2014 for the rights to sign Revis. They also signed him to a deal that will pay him $16 million a year for this season and for the next five. All this for a guy who turns 28 in July and is coming off ACL surgery.


Are you kidding me?


When I asked five general...

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