Is Russell Salvageable - or Ryan Leaf 2.0?

Is Russell Salvageable - or Ryan Leaf 2.0?

We've seen his tears of regret and grief. They engendered some compassion, or maybe just pity, but that's of little use to JaMarcus Russell right now. 

We've been told he has shed at least 34 pounds from a starting point of 315. We've seen him running on a beach, lifting weights, trying to rediscover the body of a quarterback.

We've seen the magnificent arm at work again. In its short film, "JaMarcus Russell, Waking Up," ESPN pulled out footage of the former No. 1 pick, in LSU gear, on his knees hurling a football 70 yards. The scene didn't mean much, though. Russell had that deep pass in his quiver even as he challenged Ryan Leaf's legacy. The arm didn't make him an NFL quarterback.

What we need to see most of all is that Russell can delay gratification, that he will keep working to reconstruct his physique and career, even if the coming months give him little hope.

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