Cavs Hope Brown Can Lure LeBron Home

Cavs Hope Brown Can Lure LeBron Home

Reunions are sweet, aren't they? They're lathered in sentiment, everyone remembering the good times, lots of laughter and tears and tight hugs, and then somebody wonders if all that bliss can be recaptured once again. If nothing else, the Cavaliers are guilty of that today. They're dreaming, living in the past and hoping it catches up with them again.

They officially rehired Mike Brown, the coach who took them to their only NBA Finals, the coach who squeezed out a few 60-win seasons, the coach who was on the bench when the building shook and was sold out and oozing with joy. When it was the place to be in Cleveland.

Well. All that sounds nice and syrupy, a cute little tale of forgiveness and letting bygones be bygones after they fired the guy. But it doesn't address the elephant in the room, the one with the receding hairline and collection of MVP awards. It doesn't totally answer The Question that hangs over the head of the franchise like a guillotine:

What does bringing Brown back have to do with bringing LeBron James back?

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