HGH in NFL? 'It's Just a Dirty Game'

HGH in NFL? 'It's Just a Dirty Game'

As soon as the three letters are mentioned - H-G-H - the player laughs. Human growth hormone? In the NFL? Come on. HGH use is rampant, this NFC starter says.

"It's like clockwork nowadays," he said, estimating 10-15 players on each team use the banned substance. "Not tested and it's easy to get. Nowadays, dude? In 2013? (Expletive) yeah. I'm just being real."

When the NFL and NFLPA ended their labor dispute in 2011, they agreed that HGH testing was needed. The problem was acknowledged. Two years later, the problem still has not been addressed. The NFLPA claims it wants a fair process. The league has yet to do much beyond tough talk.

What's certain is that HGH is prevalent and the pressure to fuel one's body with performance-enhancing supplements runs high. As long as there's no stringent HGH testing in place - with clear, steep consequences - its use will continue.

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