It's Not Strasburg's Arm That's a Worry

It's Not Strasburg's Arm That's a Worry

Stephen Strasburg’s arm is “structurally perfect,” and he merely felt “irritation in his forearm” Monday night in Atlanta, possibly because of normal pregame use of a stimulation machine, according to Nationals General Manager Mike Rizzo. Strasburg is scheduled to make his next start.

“The irritation was on the other side of the elbow from his [Tommy John] surgery,” Rizzo said. “There’s no problem. He’s strong as an ox.”

Move along. There’s nothing to see here. Except that there is.

When Strasburg, who arrived in the majors with an unprecedented combination of stuff and command, throws one pitch exactly where he wants it, then misses his target by two feet on the next, that’s a red flag. But what’s the message? Is he a competitor toughing out a quality start on a bad night?

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