Tebow, Collins 2 Classy, Principled Guys

Tebow, Collins 2 Classy, Principled Guys

Now that the first male in American team sports has stepped out of the closet and onto the cover of Sports Illustrated, we as sports fans and smartasses can focus the last of our schoolyard taunts on a man who never will be off limits.

We can always poke fun at the Christian guy, the oddball who prays right there on the field. Did you know he’s a virgin? Says he’s saving himself for marriage. Talk about a quaint notion from another place in time. Doesn’t swear, doesn’t drink, doesn’t tweet sophomoric wisecracks at other people — gay, straight or somewhere in between.

When people ridicule him, he smiles, quotes scripture and turns the other cheek. Which, come to think of it, is another quaint notion from long, long ago. Yesterday an actual online casino set odds on whether Tebow will complete an NFL pass or admit to losing his virginity first. The pass was an 8-1 favorite.

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