Duh! 17 Reasons Why LeBron Is the MVP

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Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe decided to use his NBA MVP first-place vote on Carmelo Anthony, which is his prerogative of course. His being the only one doesn’t inherently make him wrong.


But yeah, he probably was wrong. Here are 17 reasons LeBron James was more valuable than Anthony this season:


1. He led the Miami Heat to the best record in the NBA, 12 games better than Anthony’s New York Knicks.


2. He spreads the floor and gets his teammates open looks, as evidenced by his 7.3 assists a game to Anthony’s 2.6.


3. He rebounds better. James averaged 8.0 boards a game to Anthony’s 6.9.


4. He took fewer hard shots: 40.8% of James’ shots were jump shots longer than 16 feet, compared to...

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